OCVB survey finds half of tourist industry confused about foreign visitors

Okinawa Prefecture and Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau conducted a field survey to gauge the support for foreign tourists in Okinawan tourism industry companies, such as hotels and restaurants.

According to results of the survey, 60.4% of companies in the tourism industry feel the number of foreign tourists on Okinawa is increasing, but only 37.6% of them are trying to improve the way they can support them.

Problems the companies cited having when they interact with foreign tourists include 67.4% saying their staff “can not communicate in foreign languages” and 48.5% said they are “confused about manners of foreign tourists.”

Asked about what benefits they expect when taking care of foreigners, 48.1% said they “hope to get a new customer target” and 29.1% stated they hoped “foreign tourists would visit Okinawa when the season of Japanese visitors is off.”

17.6% said they expect foreign visitors would help “improving the quality of staff.” 21.0% said they don’t see “any benefit” for catering to foreign customers.

02:23 27 Feb , 2024