Singer Natchy invited to perform in U.S. event

Okinawan singer Natchy has received an invitation to perform at the International Festival of Language & Culture (INTFLC) scheduled to be held in the second half of April in Washington D.C. and New York.

The INTFLC is an annual international event that showcases the diversity of language, culture and talent from across the world. The event runs over 10 days starting Apr. 24th, and features young performers from all over the world.

Natchy, a native of Okinawa City, says she is looking forward to introducing Okinawa and Japan on such a big stage. She says, “I’ve had a dream to go to New York by the time I’m 19 since I was 12 years old, and now the dream comes true! I want to show people that someone from such a tiny island can sing on such a big stage!”

Natchy, who just graduated high school, becomes the first participant to the event from Japan. She also has a firm plan for her future. “I have tried to both study and sing all of my school years, but now after graduation singing will be the main part of my life. I want to try to learn more songwriting and English language in the future.”

03:39 24 Apr , 2024