U.S. Navy sailor arrested for raping tourist in Naha

Naha Police arrested a U.S. Navy sailor, Sunday, on suspicion of raping a female tourist in a hotel in Naha.

According to police, 24-year-old seaman Justin Castellanos from Camp Schwab is suspected of raping a female tourist in her 40’s from Fukuoka after he found her sleeping in the hallway of a hotel where they both were staying. Castellanos allegedly dragged the woman into his room where he raped her.

Investigators say that the two had not met before, and apparently did not know each other. Castellanos, who’s in police custody, has denied the rape allegation. Police say that he smelled alcohol when they arrested him.



  • JimmyRustles

    Accused of raping said woman. Im sure this will be another incident like that army guy who was “accused” of raping an underage girl. Then it all came to light, when she admitted it was all a lie.

    • TigersEye

      You’re sure are you? Well, you’d better get in there and offer testimony about how sure you are before something bad happens. I mean, a tourist from Fukuoka has so much to gain from falsely accusing a 24 year old sailor of rape.

      • JimmyRustles

        Yea, seeing as their hasnt been an update, this was probably not as it initially seemed. Probably a drunk housewife who made up some lame excuse as to why she wasn’t with her husband at 6am.

    • Ernest Molina

      yeah see again footage of him dragging her to his room…doesn’t look good

  • John

    They have the guy on cam taking the girl to his room as she was passed out. Why would you take a passed out female stranger to your room? It’s people like that, that make the rest of us look bad.

    • bob

      it’s women who file false claims that something even happened at all as she was coerced into filing without even knowing herself what actually happened.

  • bh8640

    Island lock down on the way again. All the sexual assault briefings and CBT’s we do are not preventing anything from happening, nor is it changing the mindset of individuals.

    • bob

      No now for sure is a lockdown after Friday’s incident at Narita airport.

  • Notsolucky

    I am sure this is all a big misunderstand!
    Since he is in the Navy,he is most likely a Corpsman,so he probably saw this woman asleep in the hallway and decided to take her into his room so she could sleep without having to worry about being assaulted! Upon waking up she began screaming…

    …..on second thought this guy is screwed!

  • bob

    hell he was just trying to do his part and help populate Japan with future pension labor but should have picked a younger model

  • John

    What kind of guy takes a drunk woman to their room for “good” intentions.. Even if nothing happened he put himself in that position and her in the position of not knowing what happened. Even she “did consent” she technically could not have because she was obviously drink and not in her right mind to give consent. Then to top it all off he was breaking GO 1. So him breaking GO1 once again put the a bigger scope on our presence here.

07:48 18 Jun , 2024