Boardwalk through mangrove forest in Nago park opens

A 726-meter-long boardwalk, from which people can observe mangrove up close, has been completed at the Wansaka Oura Park in Nago. An adjacent seminar facility for visitors to learn about mangroves is also opening in the park on Apr. 30.

The boardwalk is about 1.5 ~2.0-meter wide, barrier free and accessible by wheelchair with sloped parts of the boardwalk having handrails. According to Nago City officials, the mangrove forest at Oura Bay is one of the biggest on the island with mangrove thriving and well preserved. The mangroves are growing in an area of a mix of fresh and salt water, and it’s a habitat for some rare species.

A fee to enter the boardwalk is ¥350 for visitors over 15 years of age, and ¥200 for children over 6 years old. Children under 6 are free.

00:20 28 May , 2024