Chinese cruise ship calls to Nakagusuku Port

Chinese cruise ship Superstar Libra made a port call to Nakagusuku Port for the first time on Apr. 13th. This was also the first time since 2011 for a cruise ship to moor at the port.

About 1,000 passengers and the ship’s staff from China toured Churaumi Aquarium and Shuri Castle, and went shopping to Naha on chartered buses. Currently, many cruise ships call to ports in Naha, but it’s reportedly hard for more ships to book a berth in Naha, but Nakagusuku Port is expected to become a successful alternative. Superstar Libra is scheduled to call the Nakagusuku Port for 17 more times by September.

Sachio Kuwae, the mayor of Okinawa City, says he is hopeful that more tourists visit Katsuren and Nakagusuku Castle ruins, Southeast Botanical Gardens and other destinations in the middle part of Okinawa, and then return to Okinawa to discover more about the island and its attractions. “We will thrive to improve our facilities and other systems for receiving cruise ship visitors,” Kuwae said.

14:50 25 May , 2024