Apr. 7 ~ 13


You can now relax a bit as planet Saturn that has caused you trouble for the better part of three years, has finally moved on. That means new vigor and energy as your workload is easing, and social relationships get new life. You can expect your self-confidence get a nice boost, and the life is easier in every way.


You have to pay close attention to your boss at your job. In a matter of fact, a somewhat tense situation will continue all the way to the end of the month. Tauruses who are born after May 10 may still feel sensitive because of criticism, but the explosion prone atmosphere is going to ease up by early next week.


Your feelings and emotions are on top of the agenda to the point that you better prepare a pack of tissues to be at hand at all times. Especially children and grandchildren are going to cause emotional storms. You have to be ready to let some steam out, but make sure you don’t take your emotions on those closest to you.


A demanding project at your work is waiting for you and you have to concentrate carefully. Schedules and plans are going to change many times, and could cause serious lack of motivation. That could also reflect on your social life, and you will find it increasingly difficult to participate in events with a large number of people attending..


If the last month was full of romantic expectations, this month is sure to jolt you back into everyday routines. There could be many incidents that make you prone to complain a lot. It would be a good idea to pay close attention to your health and eating habits through the rest of the year. Brisk exercise is recommended.


You are longing for more free time and relaxation, and that’s why you want to find any excuse to work as short days as possible. There also could be hormonal imbalance that makes you to eat too many sweets, or pout to your friends. With all of that going on, you should at least pay close attention to your finances.


Free time and hobbies are in the forefront in your life during the last two and half months of the year, but romantic winds are not arising before right at the end of the month. You should scale your expectations for the next two weeks down to a realistic level, although those with a birthday before the 9th could get lucky.


Scorpios who have their birthday before the end of the month, are likely to be in for a big surprise that could be quite demanding, too. That could mean a new job and more responsibility, and the very least complete change of plans and old agreements. There could also be changes in regard of your family.


Although planet Mars that usually is the source of strength and energy is gradually sliding into your zodiac, you have to pay attention to your energy level at least until later next week. You should especially take care that you eat right. It should be a good idea to organize something unusual for the weekend.


This weekend should be socially very busy and interesting. Especially women in your life could prove to be helpful when organizing. You can also find it necessary to pamper yourself a little during the weekend, and let others cater for you. You will enjoy small things most as they make you feel good.


You could find yourself in conflict with your male colleagues and friends, and you have to make sure that you come on top of the arm twisting that goes on. Your live life is developing in the right direction, although a difference of opinion with your loved ones could bring some dark clouds into horizon, but that’s temporary.


You have to get ready for the summer as there will be many demanding tasks that you are asked to do. Take them on one a time and with determination. Your emotions need a close attention, too, as your big expectations are on a collision course with the realities of everyday life.

00:55 28 May , 2024