Apr. 14 ~ 20


The more you meet people and spend time listening and talking to them the better. Someone very special is crossing paths with you, but you have to ready to adjust your schedule in order to be at the right place. This is something you have now experienced before, and that could take you to an uncomfortable terrain. But you really need to have some real excitement and adventure in you life.


The planets are with you this week. Even if everything does not go exactly according to your plans, you still feel lucky. There’s a personal question you have long time wanted to ask, and have it ready on your tongue. But if you want an honest answer, remember that when you ask your question, you have to be serious about it and look so, too. No joking around with this one.


Secrets can be irritating and troublesome, especially if they concern your job. You would like to have a practical and fast solution to a problem you are working with. Now you have to decide who’s the right person to talk to, the one who has the power to decide on this kind of matter. Don’t waste your time to people who don’t think your ideas are for real.


Business and romance seem to join forces in something that is in front of you. Does the person who’s giving you advice offer you also something more personal? If you are in a relationship, this could easily lead to jealousy, and this could turn out to be very frustrating in the middle of all this hustle. It would be much more interesting to concentrate on organizing a pleasant weekend.


You could improve your image among your peers by being a little more discreet, even a little mysterious, in order to keep your intentions less obvious. There’s romance in the air but it takes the right time and place to blossom. Take it a little easier on weekdays, and save your energy to the weekend. Remember that people appreciate more something that is not so easy to reach.


You miss the feeling of freedom, and the place where you can now find it is your home. Your workload could feel too heave, but at the same time, it gives you inspiration. The more you labor just now, the easier you have it in the future. Someone who has shown interest in you before may be looking for a new chance to make a better impression on you. Are you ready for a romance?


You should accept that it’s impossible for you to please everyone. Once you realize it, you feel much better. Your lover’s proposals give you inspiration, and are likely to bring back feelings of success that you had in the past. Use your imagination when you pan for this weekend. There are many exciting things that you can do together with your companion, but you need to talk.


You imagination is running wild and leads you to a new territory. You have heard a part of a discussion by chance, but it’s very likely that you have taken its meaning in a completely wrong way. You should think why people behave in a certain way and what they hope to gain by doing so. The answer to the question is very simple, and once you realize it, you can use it to your advantage.


Although you are loath to show others your complete lack of knowledge about the matter at hand, it would be far better to ask for help than keep running ahead blind. Your companion has the answer to your question. Do not underestimate or take for granted anyone. Spending some quality time with younger members of your family this weekend would be better than gold for you.


You should prepare to go forward with people who have the best chances to succeed. Remember that even if people around you could have more knowledge of the matter, you are the one who knows how to utilize and make things work. People trust you, although very few of them have any idea how much planning and intense thinking is needed before you can make the right decision.


You are not looking for a chance to show off and shine in front of the others. However, the fact is that many people look up to you and hold you as an example to follow. Being professional and sharing information with people you work with is natural for you, but that also means you are busy, and easily neglect your love life. And still you need love as much as anyone and someone to share it with.


Romantic thoughts with long lasting implications come to forefront in your mid this weekend. There’s something you have wanted to say for some time. But the chance to do that could be gone by next week, so the time to act is now. Don’t let fear to stop you from reaching for your dreams. You may come to regret, if you now deny your own needs.

11:20 21 Feb , 2024