Apr 21~27


You have an enormous reserve of energy flowing inside you, but the problem is that it’s difficult for you to figure put how to put it into effective use. Especially, it feels difficult to start something. Finding a new stance and ambition in your life could be possible if you would do something for someone else first. Changes in you own life would then follow little by little .


Settling down does not have to mean getting lazy. Over the next few days you are likely to understand that you yourself are the cause of many of your personal problems. This includes your relationships with other people. Tender loving care is especially needed in your romantic relationship, even if you don’t want to make any changes in that field. It does not thrive by itself.


Your head is full of new ideas, and it would be a pity to waste them. However, you are somehow lacking in ambition just now. Luckily the situation is going to change and you will find the inspiration, although it may take time. It could it be possible that you would be able to combine your new happy relationship with finding a new stance also in other aspects of your life.


This could be a very creative period in your life, but you need some peace to collect your thoughts and ideas. You should organize your schedule in the way that allows you to concentrate on your own problems this weekend. Nut you should take your partner into account, lest he or she feels neglected. Just concentrate and listen to your partner’s thoughts carefully before you act.


It can be frustrating when plans well on their way to become reality suddenly slow down. But you should still think of alternatives, which there are more than you have thought. You have to figure out what is your motivation in this endeavor, and who do you want to please. When you answer these questions, you have your answer, and know your path ahead.


This time you have no need to ask for advice from anyone else. You have a strong feeling of what is right and what you really want. The future looks bright, so take your foot off the brakes and let it burn! The changes you are making now will help you to make a new start, and a completely new kind of optimism and feeing of purpose will arise. You know you’re on the right path.


Over the next few weeks you will achieve the best results if you don’t forget to take your own needs into account. Don’t allow other people to steal your time. Creative thoughts will push your progress forward until, little by little, you will realize that you have special abilities. Maybe, deep in your heart, you have always known this, and you only needed to push it into limelight.


The last few days have been extraordinarily uneventful and even dull, and that might prompt you to try to speed up things by any mean you can, but that would be a mistake. Don’t hurry. Although romance is not in the forefront just now, your companion could have some ideas. Giving a colleague at your work a helping hand does not promise an extra reward.


You have much more talents than you show outside, and then you have some talents that you don’t even know about yourself. You also hide some, as you are afraid of making mistakes and failing. But you have to remember that everyone must start from some point. Constantly trying and thriving towards the best you can be are the keywords to outstanding results.


Of course it’s a good thing to keep your eye on the final results, but the only way to reach the goal is to try, and make some mistakes along the way. You are now given a chance to grow and acquire knowledge and expertise in a certain area. It may not feel very significant or important just now, but you can be assured that you will need it in the future. So, keep your mind open.


Try to relax. Don’t try to get everything completed at once. It’s much better for you to channel your energy to fix small routine parts of your tasks, as they together form the whole. You should also try to help others in your team. It could be frustrating, if those people don’t seem to be very receptive to your ideas. But you should not dwell on that, as it does not help either.


You may know where you are going and even be quite enthusiastic about it, but that the others have no opinion about your ideas could feel strange. However, they likely have their own worries and frustrations, and your ambitions are merely a distraction. You have your own ideas and should spend time and brainpower on them, so you know what to do when the time is right.

12:07 13 Jun , 2024