Apr 28~May 4


There’s certainly love in the air, but maybe you don’t feel ready for it. Sometimes it’s a good idea to pretend to be busy, and thus gain extra time, if you are not quite sure about your or the other person’s true feelings. Luckily, this is one of the decisions that you don’t have to make alone. You have many friends who have gone through the same experience, so ask for an advice.


Spontaneous romantic feelings could make you say more than you’d planned. The question is, do you want the on-going relationship to take a turn for the more serious? Sometimes you feel like you have been pushed into a corner. But you should take it easy. There’s no reason to feel guilty if you decide to take some time and do something relaxing in order to clear your thoughts.


The weekend promises to be quite romantic and sensual. Most people know that you love romance, but you have to choose your words with care in order to avoid misunderstandings. Your companion might like to proceed spontaneously. That’s quite OK, as long as that does not happen in your expense. Keep your mind clear, and don’t forget your dreams and wishes.


Planet Venus is affecting you, and is pushing you to finish whatever you have started in order to have peace of mind. You might want to proceed to the next level with your romance, but as you tend to show your thoughts to others easily, you have to ask whether you plans for the future are different from those of your companion, or the thoughts of the rest of your family.


You have recently come to see in a completely new light someone that you had not been interested at all before. The question is why? Could it be that this person has been so indifferent towards you and that it woke up your curiosity? You feel lucky and consider yourself quite sharp. But you have to learn to use those traits to your advantage both at work and in private.


Unusual turns of events are making you to revaluate your goals. Do you feel that you are given an opportunity, or that you only have drifted into a stressing situation? Maybe a little bit of both? Don’t fool yourself. You know exactly what you want and what you don’t. It is a struggle to make your dreams come true. You can take time to relax, but you must keep going on.


A long and deep conversation this weekend is inspiring you to make changes. Those could be in your appearance, or in your relationship with an old flame. Your feelings have now a strong influence on you. You may find yourself pondering all sorts of ‘what if…’ kind of questions. You have to keep an open mind and be flexible, especially in matters of romance, love and family.


Over the next few days you will have several surprises and spontaneous meetings with unexpected people. However, you have to keep an eye on your money. Make things clear and avoid trying to proceed in the dark. Your companion has the right attitude to get things done, even if a little push is necessary at times. Don’t go in circles, but take the bull by the horns.


You are the center of attention this weekend, and you should enjoy it. It has been a little too quiet to your liking lately, but you have to admit that in certain aspects you could have been more spontaneous. Who did you dream about last night? Your subconscious is sending you right signals, and all you need is to listen to them carefully. It’s about your own happiness after all.


You have a chance now to talk about matters that for too long have been swept under the rug. You should take advantage of this opportunity. It’s not easy for all people to be honest, so you should do your best to encourage them. You are an adult and should have learnt by now that most of the things in life are not as scary or worrisome are they first seem. There’s always a way.


A message or telephone call concerning the past takes you by surprise, and awakens memories that you thought you had forgotten. So called good old times that you two shared together are flooding your thoughts. However, you should also remember why you parted ways. You have also corners at home that need some fresh air. You really can look forward to an eventful week.


Your long-term plans are proceeding steadily, including a marked improvement in your finances. Do you remember long and sensual looks someone cast at you a few days ago? One of you could make a move this weekend. Something you have thought for a long time is not at all as far away as you have thought. It only takes a little push to get the ball rolling.

10:04 23 Jun , 2024