Leatherback turtle stuck in Yomitan fishermen’s fixed net

The largest of sea turtles, the Leatherback sea turtle, was found stuck in Yomitan Fishermen’s Association fixed net off Toya Port in Yomitan, in the morning of Apr. 25th.

The turtle was immediately taken to Churaumi Aquarium, but was confirmed dead about noon on the same day. It’s rare for a leatherback turtle be found in the waters close to Okinawa. The last time one was caught here was 16 years ago.

The leatherback turtle grows to more than 2 meters long including the tail, and is one of largest turtles in the world. An adult can weigh up to 900 kg (2,000lbs).

They are found in tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world, and come to sandy beaches for laying their eggs. The turtle caught in the net off Yomitan seems to have been a young male, about 140 cm long weighing 240kg.

  • bob

    NO NETS, GET OUT NOW…time for the PEACE MARCH….and circle of hands….NO NETS..GET OUT NOW..

23:59 20 May , 2024