Miyako doctor found stealing medical books

The Okinawa Prefectural Hospital Administration announced Apr. 28th that a male doctor in his 40s who worked in the Prefectural Hospital on Miyako Island was found to be in possession of about 1,000 items that had been reported stolen from the hospital and colleagues. The administrators issued him a 6-month disciplinary punishment, but the doctor resigned from his post the same day.

According to Miyako Hospital and the Prefectural Hospital Administration Office, a staff member’s book was found in the doctor’s bag, and he was asked for an explanation. He answered that when he starts to read a book, he is not able to stop and return the book until he has read it all. He said he has been thinking he would return the book after reading it through. He then admitted to stealing the book. Eventually he admitted to stealing another 900 medical books, and about 1,000 pens and some CDs.

The hospital administration did not report him to police because he confessed and returned the items, and also apologized the staff. The hospital administration says they will never allow this kind incident to happen in the future and will impose a stronger discipline on their staff.

22:44 23 Jul , 2024