Nago civil servant nabbed for sex with minor

Yonabaru Police on arrested 32-year-old Nago City government worker Wednesday on suspicion of engaging in sexual relationship with an underage girl. According to police, Hideki Yoha from Nakayama, Nago City, is suspected of taking a 17-year-old high school student to a hotel in the southern part of the island where he had sex with the girl. He is also suspected of buying cigarettes to the girl.

Yoha reportedly told investigators that he did not know the girl was under 18 years old.

Investigators say Yoha apparently got to know her through a social network website. Police found out about the incident and opened an investigation after they talked to the girl in regards of another matter.

  • Notsolucky

    A government worker nabbed for sex with an under-aged girl,why am i not surprised?

  • bob

    time to pull out the protest sign boards against government workers and sexual relations with minors

    • Draftsman

      Hahaha. Go ahead. Let me know where you’ll be. I’ll bring a camera.

      • bob

        sure first I have to find the yellow headbands, and get the red letter signboards and find a loudspeaker and pa horn, I think I will start a human chain around the gov office

14:43 29 May , 2024