Okinawa Espada goes on exhibit in Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium announced on Apr. 27th that they have succeeded to bring to exhibit a live Okinawa Espada that is a very thin cutlass fish resembling an eel.

This is the first time Churaumi Aquarium has the species on exhibit in the facility. They have no scales, and are very sensitive to changing water pressure.

They have tried four years to keep the species in captivity, and now finally succeeded. There are two Okinawa Espadas on public exhibit in the aquarium. One is almost 1.2-meter long and the other one a little shorter at.1.1 meters.

Okinawa Espada is a species of cutlass fish that usually live in deep sea about 150 ~ 300 meters from the surface. They can be found in the seas around Okinawa and up north through Amami islands.

01:39 26 Jun , 2024