Shiqwasa Park opens at Ogimi Village

Ogimi Village, the largest producer of Okinawan shiqwasa citrus fruit, now has a park dedicated to the fruit. The Ogimi Shiqwasa Park opened in the Tsuha district of Ogimi village in the northern Okinawa on Apr. 17th.

The park is open from 09:00 to 18:00 every day. Among its attractions it offers backyard tours to a factory that makes fresh shiqwasa juice and other fresh shiqwasa products. Displays in the park teach visitors facts and benefits of shiquwasa. The park has a restaurant serving meals made with locally produced ingredients.

Demonstration stands in the park allow visitors to experience and compare the taste of the fruit during various seasons of the year with free juice and jam samples.

Osamu Yonaha, the owner of the park, says, “We are trying to create a shiqwasa homeland, which is a very important local product of Ogimi agriculture and tradition.” A staff member at the park points out that the park is located near Ta-taki (Ta Falls) that is one of the beat-known waterfalls on Okinawa. “We welcome people visiting the waterfall to come and refresh with our fresh shiquwasa after the trek,” he says.

21:45 24 Jun , 2024