Sunabe Seawall gets underwater post box

Diving shops in Chatan have installed an underwater post box off the Sunabe Seawall, a popular diving spot in the area.

The post box began to accept letters under the ocean on Apt. 20th. The box is about 60 meters off shore from the coastline and 5~6 meters deep surrounded by corals. Divers can post letters in the box while diving.

Dive shops in the town organized the post-in-the ocean project in order to attract people and promote the ocean off Chatan as a diving destination. It’s the second post-in-the ocean project on Okinawa after a similar post box was placed in the ocean off Umisora Park in Naha City a few years back. Only the Chatan’s post is in operation right now.

Dive shops in the area sell special waterproof letter paper for underwater mailing for ¥150 per sheet. Members of the local diving association pick up the letters placed in the ocean post box, and take them to a local post office a couple times a week.

15:05 25 May , 2024