2017 new graduates face bright employment prospects

Kyujin Okinawa Co., Ltd., the operator of a job recruitment website, Joonavi, reported on May 26th that according to responses to a survey among 62 companies that had placed job offer advertisements on the website, 29% of companies in Okinawa say they anticipate to increase their recruitment of new 2017 college and vocational school graduates from the previous year. 49% companies expect to keep their recruitment at the same level as the previous year.

Considering that 42.9% of companies previously confirmed a higher recruitment rate for new 2016 graduates in a similar study, Kyujin Okinawa states that the trend of companies’ increased willingness to hire new workers is still continuing.

Following the guidelines of the Federation of Economic Organization in Japan, companies are planning to set up job interviews in June, which is two months earlier than the previous year. This will give employers more time to select new employees, however, it will shorten the time for the new graduates to learn about those companies. Students usually start their job search activities in March when companies’ public relations departments and divisions also start releasing company profiles to them. This new guideline may cause a decline in job applicants, so many companies are now contemplating ways to prevent it happening, such as focusing on a better communication with the students.

Kyujin Okinawa Co., Ltd is scheduled to hold the Joonavi 2017 Joint Company Information Fair at Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan on June 4th.

10:01 23 Jun , 2024