Bodies of two women found in house in Ginowan

Bodies of two women were discovered on the second floor of a house in Shimashi, Ginowan City, on May 20th.

According to Ginowan Police, a neighbor called to report the discovery of a female body in a room on the second floor of the house in the afternoon. May 16th. Subsequently, an ambulance crew that arrived at the scene discovered another woman’s body in a different room of the same second floor apartment.

Police suspect the two bodies, one skeletal and the other mummified, might be a mother in her 50’s and her daughter in her 30’s. The causes of death are uncertain and there were no external injuries in either of the bodies.

Investigators have confirmed that the house door was locked. One of the neighbors said that he had not been aware there was a residence on the second floor as the parking space of the house has been used to store building materials.

The police are questioning persons who reside on the first floor of the house, and continue the investigation in order to determine whether the death in both cases is accidental or the dead women were victims of a crime.

00:15 26 Jun , 2024