Eriko Imai of singer group “Speed” opens election office

Eriko Imai, a former member “Speed,” one of the most successful Okinawan vocal and dance groups, has opened an office in Naha with her support group to prepare for her candidacy in the House of Councilors election.

Imai is 32 years old and has performed as a singer since the age of 12. “Speed” that was the group Imai joined went on to become one of the most famed singer groups in Japan. After the group broke up in 2000, Imai continued her singing career, including in occasional “Speed” reunion performances. She is seeking election to the House of Councilors from the proportional representation list of the Liberal Democratic Party in the election this summer.

Imai has a boy who has a hearing disability, and she decided to become a candidate and seek support from parents in the same situation. She wants to build a society tolerant of diversity of any kind. Imai says disability is just one kind of personality. “I want to build a society, in which everyone understands that each member has his or her own personality, in which everyone can think together, walk together and live together.” Imai stated.

14:26 29 May , 2024