Golden Kings to face Alvark Tokyo in B. League opening game

The Japanese pro-basketball is opening a new era his fall when the new B’ League takes off in September. The Ryukyu Golden Kings will face Toyota Alvark Tokyo in the opening games of the new league on Sep. 22nd and 23rd at National Yoyogi Dai-Ichi Gym in Tokyo. Both teams were the winners of their respective, now defunct, leagues in the last season.

The Golden Kings’ Ryuichi Kishimoto and Alvark Tokyo’s Daiki Tanaka gave their impressions of each others’ teams in a recent interview. Alvark’s Tanaka says, “The integrated passion of Kings’ members, staff, and fans always impresses me. It’s like Okinawa’s specialty of high spirits and power.” The Golden Kings’ Kishimoto says, “Alvark is always a powerful team against us, but we are eager to win, and will do our best to win with our hard practice, training and teamwork. Our final goal is, of course, to win the first championship of the B. League.”

The Kings’ Head Coach Tsutomu Isa said in an interview in Okinawa, “I’m so proud that the Kings will play in the opening game of the new league. It’s actually a little chilling, but we will definitely aim for the first championship. The new league won’t be the same as bj-League. We should be aware the new league is going to present a different challenge, almost like starting again from the scratch, so we need to reinforce our team and become a more powerful one.”

Kings’ Kishimoto says, “I am so excited at this new league starting. I also love to tell people how great playing basketball is, and hope to see many fans in the new season!”. His spirit will surely keep Okinawa fans smiling.

04:29 15 Jul , 2024