High-speed ferry connects Ishigaki and Karen Ports

A high-speed ferry, Natchan Rera, made its first voyage to Ishigaki from Karen Port in Hualien, Taiwan, on May 14th.

The Natchan Rera ferry is 112 meters long, 10,712 tons, and owned by Uni Wagon Co. of Taiwan. The ferry has a capacity to carry 774 passengers, in addition to cars and even sightseeing buses, and it takes only five hours between Karen and Ishigaki ports.

Anshin Co., Ltd., a logistics company based on Okinawa and Wagon Group, a logistics company in Taiwan, jointly support the ferry line project between the two cities. The ferry is scheduled to run the route 10 times this year as a charter line, and the aim is to run one round trip a week next year.

20:48 16 Apr , 2024