May 5 ~ 11


You should keep aiming at fulfilling your dreams. Although there have been opportunities in the past, the right time is now. You should not be shy, but bravely ask what you really want. Pay attention to your money as there are some unforeseen expenses ahead, and you don’t want to get tangled in a mess like that.


The coming weekend and days after that are full of strong emotions, and there is a possibility that you could end up stating your points of view stronger than you’d intended. Make sure that you know the facts. Your life is certainly becoming easier but you have to go through some rough spots. Changes are inevitable.


Although you consider yourself a sane and reasonable person, the fact is that not everyone thinks the same as you. People, who have not been in the same situation as you, do not necessarily understand your attitude. That’s the reason why you should not waste your time to explain, why a certain matter is so important to you.


You have to decide whether a certain person among your friends needs your helping hand. But you have to approach the matter delicately. A friendly stance is better than aggressive, and that also ensures a long-lasting and satisfying solution to the problem. You have to show patience at home, and avoid hurting others’ pride.


In your everyday routines, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important. Something is going to divert your attention from a matter of urgent importance. You have to prioritize everything you have to do, and especially you have to ignore those who make the most noise in order for you not to deviate from the correct path.


You must trust in your feelings. Think about the time when your life was simpler. Would it be possible to regain your attitude of the time? You should go through the facts of your current life and sort them out in the order of importance. Although you might lack self-confidence just now, you still have your wise brain to use.


You have much more knowledge than you give yourself credit for. You also are mature enough to see your life as it is. You should be ready to seize an opportunity when one arises. You are also able to help your friends without being obnoxious. You should trust in your heart and ability. Your inner voice tells you what’s right.


A fact of life is that there are both ups and downs, but you are not quite sure where you stand in the scheme of things. Try to relax and enjoy the ride. That will give you energy for the tribulations ahead. It is very important at this time that you discuss openly with your closest friends and family about your problems.


You feel like you are facing a big and important change in your life, but the problem is that you are not sure what this challenge actually is. You should be optimistic, and concentrate on possibilities that this change could open up. The only thing you really need is to trust on your abilities and have patience.


You are facing a task that will take much energy and time, but you should still bet on it. Whether this has something to do with your home or work, optimism is the key. Trying to cut corners is not good, and would only confuse others involved in this. Strong determination is the right attitude that will propel you forward.


You should concentrate on plans that are highly possible to realize. Everyone has a tendency to just drift into situations without thinking why and how. Instead, you should decide what are the important things in your life, and what are you going to do about them. Using your imagination effectively is also important.


You should avoid making life too complicated. Balancing your life between work and home would be easier, if you just did your best without taking on too much stress. Mulling things over and over in your head or even with your friends does not guarantee good results. You should trust in your experience and intuition more.

11:01 23 Jun , 2024