May 12 ~ 18


The next few days will present you several new opportunities, and plenty of thoughts to occupy your mind for some time. Having an opportunity to finally get ahead with your plans is a relief, but you will also discover that life is full off surprises. In the middle of everything that is happening, remember to pay attention to your health.


Maybe you feel like your energy level is not quite up to par at the moment signaling that it’s the time for you to take a deep breath, and try to slow down. Let other people take care of you for change. In romance you should remember that slow is better. If you try too hard, you could easily scare the target of your dreams away.


Your determination is admirable, but you must make sure that your focus your energies to the right direction. You should also beware of some people who re trying to put obstacles in front of you, as not everyone has your best interest in mind. There could be a very pleasant romantic surprise waiting for you this weekend.


This weekend your nice and positive attitude is on the forefront, leaving you to wonder, why so many people around you do not recognize the positive aspects of their lives. Maybe you could help them to loosen up a bit. Luckily the general mood becomes lighter after the weekend. Keep your positive attitude, and life is easier.


There are some possibilities that come into focus over the weekend that signal a positive moment for a change. Some opportunities could come really fast, and be gone almost as fast, so stay alert. Maybe some kind of combination of work and fun would succeed. But you have to find out beforehand what others want.


Although you are busy with your own plans, helping a certain friend would put you in a very good mood. There’s a problem at home that you should look from entirely new angle, and don’t forget to ask help and advice from your partner. Someone close to you would like to understand you better, so don’t cut this person off.


A random comment by one of your friends sets your imagination flying, and makes you feel especially creative. Maybe you should spend more time with this person. Your most attractive traits are highlighted this weekend. Could that be a sign of a romance in the making, or of a spark that sets your relationship on fire again.


You have had this idea fixed in your mind that life is only work, and harder work, but this weekend your idea proves to be wrong. A new friendship seems to have a strong and positive influence in your life. And although there’s plenty to do, you don’t feel tired. It becomes noticeable to all that you’ve got a completely new attitude.


Some expectations at your work are a cause of worry for you. However, many things can change fast, and the whole picture can be completely different after a while. Your partner’s behavior can irritate you, but the situation is temporary. So you should avoid comments that could hurt or be exceedingly sharp and critical.


Have you been too busy to keep contact with your friends? It’s a high time that you correct that. Make the case that this weekend you will get into contact with people you really care for. Sometimes a common history is more valuable than work or money. So don’t waste your time any more, but spring into action.


Your hectic life style is beginning to take its toll. So you should take a pause and make yourself time to do absolutely nothing. When was the last time you listened to music? Or tried a new hairdo? Taking care of yourself is much more important than raking in every penny you can. You should not wait until tomorrow.


Everyone seems to be vying for your attention, but don’t think that the fact that they are asking for your help means that they are failing. They just want to find out what you would do in their situation. People close to you will show you this weekend that they really care. Relax, and you will see how much you mean for them.

23:15 24 Jun , 2024