Multi-store shopping center to open at Furujima, Naha

The redevelopment of the former Furujima public housing site in the Furujima district of Naha has started, and developers have made public their plan to build a multi-store shopping complex on the site.

According to officials at Daiwa Housing Industry Co., the management company of the new complex, Daiwa Housing is renting the land, about 1.5 hectares, from Berkley Realty Ltd. Co., which owns the land. The main tenant in the facility will be the Ryubo Industries that will operate the main store in the complex with about 10 more tenants. The complex will have two stories covering about 6,000 square meters.

Developers say the shopping center will be opened in summer 2017 at earliest.

The site is located in the Furujima district of Naha on Hwy 330. The Y uirail Furujima Station is located just in front of the site making it a very convenient location for shoppers. The Furujima public housing complex was completely demolished last year because of its dilapidated condition.

14:06 29 May , 2024