Naha opens tsunami evacuation shelter in Matsuyama

Naha City has opened a shelter for tsunami evacuation in the Matsuyama district of the city. The shelter is primarily for people who reside in the Matsuyama and Wakasa districts’ low-lying areas.

The shelter is housed in a four-story building that can accommodate about 2,000 people escaping from a 5-meter-high tsunami.

Manabu Boike, the president of Aeon Ryukyu Co., Ltd, that recently opened a new branch of AEON supermarkets on the first floor of the building, offered to supply emergency food and other resources to the shelter sufficient for two days.

The facility has three emergency exits and is wheelchair accessible, and also equipped with radio equipment, emergency power generator and a solar panel power generator on the roof.

01:31 22 May , 2024