Okinawa website wins top honors promoting region

The Okinawa Prefecture tourism promotion website titled “OKINAWA: The Secret Is Out” has won the top spot as the best website promoting a region at the 8th Japan Marketing Awards contest. The Association of Japan Marketing Awards announced the winners of the contest on Apr. 22nd.

The website consists of six movies, in which all cast members are foreign tourists. Six families or couples from foreign countries including France, Germany and others visit Okinawa on private trips and concentrates on their experiences. The website has already counted more than 3 million downloads on Youtube, and is popular around the world.

The Okinawa Prefecture Government launched the website project in order to attract more visitors form foreign countries to Okinawa. The movies all have the same concept centered on “The secret is out on Okinawa.” In the videos, couples or families visiting Okinawa have some secret, and reveal it while staying in Okinawa and confirm their love of each other. The cast members were chosen among applicants from all over the world, who had to have a secret to confess to their partners or family members.

The movie is available on Youtube with English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Thai and Chinese subtitles.

09:20 18 Jun , 2024