Sailor pleads guilty of rape of tourist in March

A U.S. Navy Sailor pleaded guilty to raping a Japanese woman on a visit to Okinawa in a Naha hotel after he found her asleep in the hallway and took her to his hotel room in March, at the first hearing of his trial at Naha District Court, Friday.

24-year-old Justin Castellanos, assigned to Camp Schwab, was indicted for raping the woman, who’s in her 40’s, on Mar. 13th. Castellanos told the court presided by judge Jiro Shiomi that he accepts the charge of so-called quasi-rape. Prosecutors said that Castellanos decided to take advantage of the woman after finding her in the hallway and failing to wake her up.

Prosecutors said that Castellanos carried the victim into his room and exploiting the situation, in which she was unable to resist,

19:15 14 Jul , 2024