Synergy Square shopping center opens in Yomitan

A new shopping complex called Synergy Square has opened at the Owan district in Yomitan Village on Hwy 58 north of Kadena Circle. The complex officially opened on Apr. 27th.

Currently, the facility houses some restaurants, beauty shop, esthetic salon, cell phone shop, dentist office, and convenience store. A total of nine tenants have opened for business in the facility. The complex occupies about 6,800 square meters of land. Its two-story buildings have a gross floor area of 1,800 square meters, and there’s parking for 120 cars.

Although the land on the side of Highway 58 where the new complex is located is currently entirely undeveloped, it’s expected to have a large number of residential buildings very soon. Some car dealers and a supermarket are also expected to open shops in future.

21:31 24 Jun , 2024