U.S Navy sailor arrested for DUI in Chatan

Okinawa City Police arrested a U.S. Navy Petty Officer early Sunday morning, on suspicion of DUI in Miyagi, Chatan.

According to Okinawa City Police, 28-year-old Petty Officer 3rd Class (E4), Keith Berrios, stationed on Camp Foster, had approximately 2.5 times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

Berrios was also in violation of the U.S. military liberty policy that prohibits all military members below E4 from going out after 01:00 in the morning. His arrest comes at a sensitive time because of the arrest last week of a former Marine on suspicion of a rape, assault and murder of a 20-year-olf Okinawan woman.

  • Slyck

    How come when locals get DUI’s it’s never newsworthy?
    Yet they have the worst numbers out of all the other prefectures in japan.

    • bh8640

      The main purpose of this “news” site is to fault the military for every single thing they do wrong. I wish they would just pack it up and leave so the island can see their own faults. The amount of money lost would be significant and they’d be begging us to come back. So sick of this finger pointing tactic used for every incident.

  • TheReelLG

    You know what’s really funny, not really, but the curfew is below E-4 right? Well is E-4 smh whoever in charge of Japan update must be Japanese… Smh always bring those Americans down.

  • Been here 10 years

    “You know what’s really funny, not really, but the curfew is below E-4 right? ” Wrong, right now the curfew is for ANY rank.

14:46 29 May , 2024