University student dies in freak traffic accident

Riku Nakasone, a 18-year-old university student, died in a freak scooter accident early in the morning of May 7th in the Higashimachi district of Naha.

Nakasone was riding on a scooter from Asahibashi towards Izumizaki crossing when he hit a concrete flowerpot on the center divider. Naha Police say investigators have not been able to determine why he hit the pot.

Because of the crash, Nakasone suffered a collapsed lung, and died on the same morning after he was taken to a hospital.

The road at the accident site has three lanes to each direction, and no traffic lights. Investigators have concluded that Nakasone drove his scooter on the outer lane at the time of the accident.

22:08 24 Jun , 2024