Mango shipments in 2016 expected to decrease

Officials at JA Okinawa expect shipment of mangoes from Okinawa to decrease this year due to the warm winter from last November through December. The warm weather caused the flowering of mango plants to be very late, and that has caused the drop in the fruit crop.

JA Okinawa estimates that a total of about 452 tons of mangoes will be shipped to mainland markets from Okinawa this year that is a drop of 31.2% from last year’s volume. The peak shipping period will be also be late, and that could mean missing the peak selling period of the summer ‘Ochugen’ gift giving season.

Producers on Miyako Island, one of the biggest mango growers in Okinawa, estimate that this year they will be able to ship about half what they shipped a year ago.

On the other hand, according to JA Okinawa, as only a few fruits grow on each tree, they get much more nutrients than usual, which makes the fruit much sweeter. That in turn results in up to 60% higher prices than last year. JA officials say mangoes this year sell for about ¥3,500 per kg.


16:57 15 Jun , 2024