McDonald’s introduces shake made of Okinawan pineapples

Fast food chain Japan McDonalds will start serving “McShake Okinawa Pineapple” shake in all McDonald’s restaurants in Japan from Jun. 22nd. The item will be sold for a limited time.

This is the first time for McDonald’s to introduce an Okinawan product on its menu. The sale of the item was initially launched in Okinawa on Jun. 15th. The shake is made from JA Okinawa supplied pineapples grown in the northern parts of Okinawa that the cooperative sells to Japan McDonalds.

The McShake Okinawa Pineapple is served in two sizes, small and medium costing ¥120 and ¥200 respectively. The shakes will stay on the menu for about a month.

An official at JA Okinawa says, “We expect this to give a boost to the brand of Okinawa grown pineapples, and increase their popularity and demand in mainland Japan.”



17:18 15 Jun , 2024