Visiting Aichi students suffer food poisoning

218 high school students visiting Okinawa on a school trip from Aichi Prefecture fell victims of food poisoning in Nago.

According to the Okinawa Prefecture Community Health Division, 218 high school students and a male teacher from Aichi Prefecture complained of symptoms of food poisoning, such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, after having a lunch at a restaurant in Biimata, Nago, on May 23rd. All 219 have recovered since.

Officials say 376 high school students and teachers visited Okinawa on a three-day school excursion from May 22nd, and had a lunch at the restaurant in Biimata, Nago City, on 23rd. Tests of the ill students at a hospital detected intestinal bacteria from 16 stool samples, and the same bacteria were also detected from the food served at the restaurant.

The proprietor of the restaurant, Green Plaza Co, voluntarily closed the restaurant for business for three days from Jun. 4th, and Hokubu Regional Public Health Center of Okinawa ordered it temporarily suspend its business for an additional two days from June 7th.


16:36 15 Jun , 2024