Yanbaru National Park area finalized

The Ministry of Environment has settled the land and sea areas in Kunigami, Higashi and Ogimi villages that will form the Yanbaru national Park.

The 16,300-hectare area that includes 3,670 hectares of ocean encompasses one of the largest subtropical evergreen broadleaf forests in the country. It is also a habitat for several rare plants and animals, including Yanbarukuina that is highly endangered species of birds.

The ministry will now start talks with the three villages in order to make a land usage plan.

Currently, there are 32 national parks in Japan, and the Yanbaru National Park will become the 33rd. A portion of the existing Okinawa Kaigan Quasi-National {ark is included within its borders, but the U.S. Military jungle warfare training area Camp Gonsalves not. The Camp Gonsalves is scheduled to return to Japan in the near future.


15:47 15 Jun , 2024