Container cargo increases at three Okinawa ports

The Okinawa General Bureau announced Friday that the domestic container volume in Naha, Ishigaki, and Hirara ports increased in 2015 in all three to the highest level since statistics were started in 2000.

The number of containers, including international cargo, passing through Naha Port was 523,000, which is the seventh largest of all ports in Japan. The Ishigaki and Hirara Ports were in the 31st and 35th place respectively.

At Naha Port, items like postal letters and parcels as well as beverages like beer and soft drinks increased most.

At Ishigaki port, back-ordered items and steel material increased. At Hirara Port on Miyako Island, shipments of daily necessities and recycled material, like used paper products, showed most increase.

Okinawa General Bureau assumes that the increase in the container cargo volume in the three ports is due to the growth in population and the number of tourists visiting Okinawa.


23:54 25 Jun , 2024