Discounts set for travel between Amami, Yoron and Okinawa

Okinawa and Kagoshima prefectures have set up as a joint project subsidized discounts for tickets for travel between Okinawa and Amami and Yoron islands in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The discount fares apply for both air and sea travel. Airline tickets are now sold at a maximum 40% off while sea line tickets can be had at a maximum ¥2,000 off. The project aims at increasing exchanges between the islands. The secondary aim is to jumpstart the tourism to World Heritage sites in the Ryukyu and Amami archipelagoes.

The new airfare between Naha and Amami is ¥15,700 when booked 28 days prior the departure, down from ¥26,200. The ferry tickets from Naha to Amami, and Naha to Yoron will be discounted in the range from ¥2,500 to ¥4,100.

An official at the Okinawa-Amami Association says, “It was a very hard issue to settle the fares between the islands, but I’m confident this project will increase the exchanges for both a lot. We wish many people from Okinawa come to visit Amami and Yoron islands because of this project.”


16:56 21 Apr , 2024