Don Quijote to open Miyakojima branch

Don Quijote, one of the leading discount shop chains in Japan, is scheduled to open a branch store in Miyakojima on Aug. 11.

The Don Quijote Miyako Banch will be the chain’s fourth branch in Okinawa Prefecture after Ginowan, Uruma, and Naha, and the first one to on a remote island.

Don Quijote has proven to be popular with their three branches in Okinawa and has many shoppers among locals and foreign tourists. Miyakojima is expected to have more tourists visiting the island because of increasing number of flights and cruise ships docking at its port, leading Don Quijote to decide to open a branch store there.

The Miyakojima branch will be located in a single-story steel building, with a floor area of 3,164 square meters. Products on sale include fresh fish, processed foods, cosmetics, and clothing. The company also intends to sell locally produced goods aimed at local customers, including locally produced meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.


09:30 17 Apr , 2024