DUIs on Okinawa on page to new record

More drivers on Okinawa were arrested on driving under influence last year that ever before.

According to Okinawa Prefectural Police, 844 people were nabbed for DUI during the first half of 2016 that is a 13.4% increase over the first half of 2015, making this year the worst ever. 293 people of those were arrested. 2016 is well on the way to a new questionable record surpassing 2015 that itself set a record.

Okinawa is expected to retain the highest rate of accidents resulting injury or fatality in the country caused by drunk drivers. Police say that they are fighting the trend by tightening traffic rule enforcement.

There is just a glimmer of good news, though. While DUI has been the cause in 46 traffic accidents resulting in injury, that’s nine less than a year ago, and the number of fatal accidents is so far the same.

Nevertheless, the number of traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers is expected to remain the highest in the whole country.


19:07 16 Apr , 2024