Female scuba diver dies near Manzamo

A female tourist from Tokyo died of an apparent cardiac arrest on a shore near Manzamo, Onna Village, about noon on Saturday.

According to the Japan Coast Guard in Naha, the woman, a 31-year-old tourist from Tokyo, and three of her friends had been scuba diving at so called Horseshoe diving site, a popular dive site off the coast of Manzamou, without an instructor.

When they were about to proceed with their dive, the woman panicked when her mask came off from her face, so the group took a short rest before attempting a second dive. One of the woman’s friends noticed her being exhausted, so she brought her back to the shore where the woman suddenly collapsed.

The tourist diver was transferred to a medical center, where she was confirmed dead shortly afterwards.

06:18 17 Apr , 2024