Free Wi-Fi available at 2,000 locations on Okinawa

Just tapping a new app on a smart phone, anyone is able to use the many public wireless LAN available in Okinawa. That’s the promise of so called “Verification Test of Integrated Wi-Fi Services in Okinawa” that just started on Thursday. The aim is to enhance services to tourists by offering sight seeing, transportation and other information.

The app “Okinawa Free Wi-Fi” is available at “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” and it’s available for both Android and iOS phones, provided by NTTBP. Up to now it was provided as an experimental trial. With this app, one can use a public wireless LAN service at 2,000 locations throughout Okinawa.

In the near future, services like a stamp rally, sightseeing guide with multi-language voice, videos of local events will be added to the services using this tool.

The system incorporates the collection of data of tourists’ transportation and SNS information that will be analyzed and utilized to develop better tourism strategies.



17:48 21 Apr , 2024