Japanese man arrested for attack on American civilian

Okinawa police arrested a 43-year-old man living in Misato, Okinawa City on suspicion of assaulting a male civilian worker of the U.S. military in the evening of July 8 in Chuo, Okinawa City.

According to police, the men were not acquaintances. When questioned, the Japanese man claimed that someone who looked like an American had harassed him in the past, and that’s the reason he assaulted him. He allegedly approached the American from behind, grabbed him by the neck and choked him. The victim was able to shake himself free, and an eyewitness called police.

A police patrol dispatched to the scene arrested the Japanese man on suspicion of an assault. The American civilian is working on Kadena Air Base.


  • MrSARcasstik

    A Japanese man arrested for assaulting an American????
    That can’t be right, that’s gotta be a typo, everyone knows only Americans attack people!

07:56 17 Apr , 2024