Kadena airman nabbed for DUI

Okinawa police arrested an airman stationed at Kadena Air Base, Saturday, on suspicion of DUI after he collided with another car in Chatan.

According to Okinawa Prefectural Police, 22-year-old Sr.A. Joren Ladd was arrested after his car hit a car driven by a woman about 22:15, Saturday. No one was injured in the collision.

A breathalyzer test showed Ladd had nearly five times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath. Police say Ladd admitted on the spot to driving under influence, but claimed that he only had had a couple of beers.

The U.S. military recently imposed an off-base drinking ban on all service members in Okinawa was lifted only about a month ago. On July 5, the Commanding General of U.S. military on Okinawa set into force a rule that states that any military or SOFA status person who is found guilty of DUI will have his or her driving license suspended for at least one year. Ladd’s arrest is the first such case after the new rule was enacted.


07:34 17 Apr , 2024