Man arrested on suspicion of murdering younger brother

A man was arrested on suspicion of murder in Chatan after he fatally stabbed his younger brother during an argument early Monday morning.

The younger brother was taken to a hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

According to police, a family member made an emergency phone call telling that the man had stabbed his younger brother after a quarrel in the family house. A police patrol dispatched to the scene found 62-year-old taxi driver Seijin Inamine unconscious with a stab wound on his abdomen. Eyewitnesses said that his elder brother, 66-year-old Seisho Inamine, had stabbed him.

Police say Seisho was drunk when he was arrested. He admitted that he actually had stabbed his younger brother but claims he didn’t mean to kill him, and denies having committed a murder.

July 17th was reportedly the first anniversary of their mother’s death, and the family had gathered in the house for a memorial ceremony.

One of the witnesses told investigators that Seisho becomes loud and tends to use bad language when he drinks. But the witness added that he was supposed to drink because of the ceremony.

15:02 25 May , 2024