Pizza House to re-open main restaurant in new location

Pizza House Co., a company that runs Pizza House Jr. restaurants on Okinawa specializing in western-style dishes, announced that it would re-open a new Pizza House flagship restaurant in Minatogawa, Urasoe City, in February.

The old Pizza House main restaurant used to be in the former U.S. Consulate General building on Highway 58 in Gusukuma, Urasoe City, next to Camp Kinser Gate 3. It was closed in December 2010, because the land was needed for a new road project.

Now, after six years, the iconic restaurant is scheduled to reopen in a new location on a 2,314-square-meter lot of land.

According to the company, the new restaurant will occupy two floors and have 1,190 square meters of gross floor space. The building exterior walls will be white and it will have a Spanish-style red tiled roof, very much the same as the former restaurant in the old U.S. Consulate General building. But unlike the old restaurant, the first floor would house the parking and entrance. The second floor will have a dining hall with seating for 120 diners, a bar lounge with 60 seats, and three private rooms with seating for eight each. The three rooms can be combined to an extra private dining room for 50.

On the menu, the company plans to feature reasonably priced authentic western-style dishes like roast beef, steaks, pizza, and pasta with some Spanish fare and other popular items added.



21:45 24 Jun , 2024