Pokemon Go players warned not to enter U.S. bases

Okinawa Prefectural Police warns players of the popular Pokemon Go smart phone game not to enter U.S, bases on Okinawa lest they could face an arrest by the U.S. Military Police.

Reportedly, there are several “Poke Stops” from where Pokemon Go avatars can be collected, and many “gym” where users go to battle other players’ Pokemon, located inside U.S. military bases on Okinawa. Police remind that the U.S. Military Police could arrest anyone going inside a base without permission.

According to people familiar with the game, there are several Poke Stops on MCAS Futenma, and the distribution center on Camp Kinser is designated as a gym.

Some of Pokemon users have tweeted their frustration on Twitter saying, “I want to, but cannot go inside, because it is on the US base” and “I wonder what kind of Pokemons are there on the US military base.”

“If many users could go inside (to search for Pokemon), they would understand what the US bases are like on Okinawa,” someone tweeted.


  • Cris Johnson

    I can tell you what’s on the military bases: a whole lot of nothing. People’s curiosity will dream up everything better than what’s really there. Pidgeys and rattatas. Very exciting.

19:19 17 Apr , 2024