Toyosaki to have large resort hotel complex

Although it lost the new MICE facility to Agarihama in Yonabaru, the Toyosaki area in Tomigusuku City will be the site of a new large 400-room resort hotel complex.

The Chia Shin Cement Corporation of Taiwan announced on July 6 that it will go ahead to build the hotel and an adjacent shopping center and chapel on the 3.69-hectare parcel of land the company had acquired in anticipation of the MICE facility location.

Four other companies will also join in the massive development the Toyosaki area. Daiwa House, a major Japanese real estate company headquartered in Osaka will construct a large commercial facility on a 6.83ha area in Toyosaki.

Uehara Meat Co. will build a meat processing factory that will include facilities to showcase the company’s products and production methods to visitors and a large shop to sell the products.

Yonar’s Holdings Ltd. plans to construct a city hotel that includes a hot spring spa and restaurants.

Finally, the Nago Pineapple Park Co. is planning to build a fruit processing plant that uses local fruit such as pineapple and mango, and also offers backyard tours to visitors.


09:07 17 Apr , 2024