Two Marines arrested for carrying live ammo at Naha Airport

Two Marines were arrested at Naha Airport on Friday on suspicion of possessing live rifle rounds.

According to police, the airport security check found the ammunition in their carry-on baggage when they tried to enter the departure area in the Naha Airport terminal.

Okinawa Prefectural Police identified the two as 33-year-old Joel McMillan, who was found to have two rifle rounds in his bag about 8:30 in the morning, and 35-year-old Jermarcus Tate, who had one round in his belongings discovered at 11:15 on the same day. Both are stationed on Camp Kinser.

When questioned, McMillan reportedly told police that he had placed the rounds in his bags by mistake. Tate claimed that he did not know that the ammo was in his luggage, and could not explain how it possibly could have ended there.

  • Slyck

    Hey no biggie I carry live rounds in my luggage all the time

  • bob

    must be really boring on Okinawa to even print this article, by the way I heard and saw two US Marines who sneezed and had no masks on.

  • Blitzball

    A disgruntled Private probably planted the rounds in their bags. Gotcha!! Bwahahahah!

  • in fine fettle

    Okinawa police flouting the protected status of U.S. marines. That’s bold. You can tell the spirit of anti-base struggle is stepping up there.

20:06 16 Apr , 2024