Worker dies at Kadena Air Base demolition site

A construction worker died in a demolition work site accident on Kadena Air Base on Friday.

According to Okinawa City Police, Masaki Miyazato, a construction worker from Naha City died when a concrete canopy collapsed on him at the demolition work site on Kadena Air Base about 13:15 on July 8th. After the accident, Miyazato was rushed to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead about an hour later.

The canopy was a part of a structure next to an aircraft hanger. It was 12 meters long, one meter wide and 12 cm thick. The canopy fell when another worker was breaking it with a backhoe. Miyazato was on the ground guiding the backhoe when is collapsed and fell on him.

The U.S. military police called the Japanese police after the accident.

05:49 17 Apr , 2024