Yaese to open new tourist center next spring

Yaese Town is constructing a new town-owned tourist center in Gushikyan to attract visitors with the town’s specialty products and scenic sites. The new center is scheduled to open next spring.

The new facility will be a two-story building with a total floor space of 1,100 square meters. Besides the tourist office, the building will include a shop selling local farm produce, restaurants and a tourist information center. Parking will be provided to 80 cars and six large-size buses next to the building.

The new tourist center will be located near the intersection of national Route 331 – the road that runs by the Peace Memorial Park and Okinawa World – and Route 507 that runs from Naha area to south.

Town officials expect as many as 300,000 visitors per year to the facility.


17:03 17 Apr , 2024