Cracked window forces ANA flight to land at Naha

A cockpit window of an All Nippon Airways Boeing 787 airliner on its way from Haneda to Singapore developed a crack when the aircraft was flying over Ishigaki Island at about 3:10 Sunday morning.

The captain of the airliner decided to turn around and make an emergency landing at Naha Airport where the flight landed safely about an hour later. There was no pressure change onboard, and the crack did not affect the flight. None of the 214 passengers and crew onboard was injured in the incident.

According to the Naha Airport officials, the window cracked when the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 12,000 meters. Officials are now investigating for the cause of the crack, but they have ruled out a lightning strike or violent turbulence.

Passengers were changed to a different aircraft, which took off heading to Singapore at 15:00.


12:27 15 Apr , 2024