FamilyMart to have 320 shops in Okinawa this year

As FamilyMart Co.,Ltd., one of the leading Japanese convenience store chains, integrated its business with Coco Store Corporation, around 50 Coco shops out of total 108 on Okinawa are remodeled to FamilyMart stores.

About half of Coco Store shops in the prefecture are to be closed due to their deteriorated business performance or overlap with existing FamilyMart stores. In total, FamilyMart is planning to have as many as 320 shops operating in Okinawa by the end of February 2017.

FamilyMart bought the smaller nationwide Coco Store chain at the end of 2015 and started integrating Coco Store operations with FamilyMart in December 2015 when they started remodeling Coco Store shops into FamilyMarts. The company is planning to finish remodeling all shops on the main island of Okinawa this August, and on Miyako, Ishigaki and Kume Islands within this year.


14:15 04 Mar , 2024